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Candle demo group - Some selected prods

candle Most Candle (CDL) Amiga demos are from 1992-1997 and are for the Motorola 680x0 equipped Amigas like A500 and A1200 (also known as Classic Amigas, or simply as retrocomputers). Although you can run most of them with an Amiga Emulator, such as WinUAE, E-UAE or UAE4All.


Some prods (productions) may appear dirty or offensive. However, Candle's intentions was and are not to offend anybody, so please take them as simple jokes or hoaxes. All Candle productions are made just for fun and with pure joy :)

Download Candle prods

Many Candle prods are hosted at: You may also find Candle here:


I'm mostly known under the following pseudonyms: angel, red angel, psy-x, angel bitch... And here you can find the rest of the Candle membersexternal link

Soo, wat da hell iz dis demo aniway??

Well, knock yourself out with these Wikipedia links:


Here's a few Candle videos on YouTube:
Amiga Intro - Candle - 2008
Code & Gfx by Angel - Music by Cloud link
Amiga Demo - Kreijsi - released at Compusphere 1996
Code by Angel - Gfx by Angel & Aeroba - Music by Angel with help of Cloud link

Amiga Demo - Slurry by Candle link
Amiga Demo - 90 degrees - released at Remedy 1995
Code by Angel - Gfx by Angel, Aeroba & Cloud - Music by Cloud link
Amiga Demo - Rekcartorp by Candle link
Amiga Demo - Tintin Inside by Candle link
Music Demo - Marave II - 1994
Code by Angel - Gfx by Angel & Cloud - Music & Sfx by Angel link
Amiga Demo - Noname by Candle link

You can find more Candle prods on CanDLe's websiteexternal link
You can find Void prods on VOiD's websiteexternal link

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