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  Prod Name Type Release Date Description
YouTubeVoid&Candle-VOD64k intro2016-jul4th place in combined intro compo in Solskogen 2016.
 FartButtonDeluxe-LiteTool/Misc/Wild2010-decLarge red fart button.
YouTubeWank GamesGame2010-febReleased at DATASTORM 2010.
YouTubeCandle-2008Intro2008-octReleased 2008 after 12 years.
 HemskglassFast Demo1997-julBy Candle & X-Zone, 6th at Icing 1997 fast demo.
 EverywhereDemo1996-dec14th at The Party 1996.
YouTubeElvis the ElvispFast Demo1996-novReleased at Compusphere 7 (1996) fast demo competition.
YouTubeKreijsiDemo1996-nov7th at Compusphere 1996 combined demo in Uddevalla.
 UnderSheetFast Intro1996-octOne night production...
 At Night1996-jul?Maybe not released at all.
 TerrorMultifile Demo1996-mayCandle funny demo, was meant for the Icing-party '96.
 SmegmaDemo1996-marIt is supposed to look buggy!
 IQ 0,03Fast Demo1996-marReleased at the Yodel Conference 7 in 1996.
YouTubeNonameLong Demo1995Not officially released.
YouTubenIkko-kIckDemo1995Released at Icing 95.
 90-halfDemo1995?A more obscene and shorter version of 90 degrees.
YouTube90 degreesDemo1995-octDisqualified at Remedy 1995.
YouTubeTintin InsideDemo1995-jun4th at Icing 1995 amiga demo.
 X-masIntro1994X-mas production.
 SuckmeIntro1994Brutal mega CP-Production.
YouTubeSlurryDemo1994Released at Compusphere 1994.
YouTubeRekcartorpDemo1994A classic Amos style demo.
YouTubeStenadDemo1994Candle CP-Production.
YouTubeMarave IIMusic Demo1994-novTechno music demo, never officially released.
YouTubeHeroesDemo?Adventure demo.

Initiated but never completed

  Prod Name Type Release Date Description
 Welcome64k Intro1997 (planned)Never completed..!
 Jonh RohnAnimation Demo1996 (planned)Almost completed..!
 X-FilesMultifile Demo1996 (planned)Almost completed..!
 EntranceMusic Demo1996 (planned)8 channel music demo with AGA graphics.
 Hundar e goaAnimation Demo1992 (work)Low priority production.
 CDLDemoMore or less rejected.
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