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US halts Blinken China visit after spy balloon row
The US secretary of state's trip to China is postponed after a spy balloon is tracked across the US.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 17:03:32

Pope and archbishop on historic peace mission to South Sudan
The holy men hoping to heal South Sudan, the world's newest nation overcoming a brutal civil war.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 16:57:40

Patrick Vieira: Crystal Palace manager 'troubled' by lack of black managers
Patrick Vieira says he is "troubled" by the lack of black managers in the top flights of English football.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 16:29:32

Chinese spy balloon over US is weather device says Beijing
China says a suspected spy balloon is actually a wayward "civilian airship" used for weather monitoring.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 16:28:14

Paco Rabanne: Celebrated designer dies aged 88
Paco Rabanne, best known for his perfumes and fashion designs, dies at his home in France.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 16:07:16

How an 1800s surgeon experimenting on enslaved Black women affects anti-abortion
In this episode of CNN's digital series, "History Refocused," Nicquel Terry Ellis outlines the anti-abortion movement's historical links to White supremacy and how the overturning of Roe v. Wade has reopened a conversation about racial equality., 03-02-2023 16:06:19

Paedophile pop star Gary Glitter freed from prison
The singer, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was jailed in 2015 for sexually abusing three schoolgirls.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 16:04:48

Paco Rabanne, Spanish fashion designer known for his flamboyant creations, dies at 88
World-famous fashion designer Paco Rabanne has died at the age of 88., 03-02-2023 16:01:22

Online petition for mother of Kelce brothers to perform coin toss at the Super Bowl gains traction
An NFL fan has started an online petition to allow the mother of Travis and Jason Kelce, Donna, to perform the coin toss ahead of Super Bowl LVII., 03-02-2023 16:00:15

Poker star uses Airtag to track bag lost in airport 'twilight zone'
You check your luggage for a flight, but it doesn't appear on the carousel at your destination., 03-02-2023 15:56:49

America's unemployment is lowest since before the moon landing
The US economy added an astonishing 517,000 jobs in January, showing that the labor market isn't ready to cool down just yet, according to new data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics., 03-02-2023 15:53:07

Formula 1: Ford to team up with Red Bull after 22 years out of sport
BBC News, 03-02-2023 15:47:10

Suspect arrested in case of tamarin monkeys missing from Dallas Zoo, police say
A 24-year-old man has been arrested in Dallas and charged in connection with the suspected theft of a pair of emperor tamarin monkeys that were recovered unharmed this week in an abandoned home a day after they vanished from the Dallas Zoo, police said., 03-02-2023 15:34:33

Why prosecutors are using late son's Snapchat as evidence in Murdaugh murder trial
Prosecutors in the Alex Murdaugh trial turned the spotlight onto his finances and allegations that he stole millions of dollars from his law firm. The court also heard new testimony about a Snapchat his son Paul recorded right before he was murdered. Randi Kaye has more from Walterboro, South Carolina., 03-02-2023 15:34:59

Deep freeze: US north-east braces for record breaking wind chills
Over a dozen weather records are expected to be broken by Friday afternoon across the north-east.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 15:31:02

House Foreign Affairs chair to highlight plight of Afghan women by bringing former ambassador to SOTU
House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mike McCaul has invited former Afghanistan Ambassador to the US Roya Rahmani to be his guest for President Joe Biden's State of the Union address next week, CNN has learned exclusively., 03-02-2023 15:30:39

Emergency measures enacted as 'epic' blast of cold air moves into the Northeast, 03-02-2023 15:29:52

Austin Butler's costar Dave Bautista says the Elvis accent isn't in 'Dune' sequel
No need to be all shook up about Austin Butler's continuing to sound like Elvis Presley., 03-02-2023 15:27:23

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