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PM May tries to tweak defeated Brexit plan, refuses to rule out no-deal
Reuters, 21-01-2019 22:01:08

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris jumps into 2020 White House race
Reuters, 21-01-2019 21:36:12

Report reveals an undeclared North Korean missile base headquarters
Reuters, 21-01-2019 21:31:51

UK's Labour seeks to force May to rule out no-deal Brexit
Reuters, 21-01-2019 21:03:50

Venezuela arrests rogue officers after military revolt in Caracas
Reuters, 21-01-2019 20:45:28

Los Angeles teachers' strike talks continue through holiday weekend
Reuters, 21-01-2019 20:29:16

Germany bans Iranian airline from its airspace after U.S. pressure
Reuters, 21-01-2019 20:18:50

Israel strikes in Syria in more open assault on Iran
Reuters, 21-01-2019 19:59:00

Facebook's WhatsApp limits users to five text forwards to curb rumors
Reuters, 21-01-2019 19:58:01

France fines Google $57 million for European privacy rule breach
Reuters, 21-01-2019 19:31:15

UK minister: No link between Northern Ireland bomb and Brexit
Reuters, 21-01-2019 19:28:51

Count of Paris, pretender to French throne, dies aged 85
Reuters, 21-01-2019 18:41:11

UK may face resignations if lawmakers stopped from voting away no-deal: The Times
Reuters, 21-01-2019 18:21:07

Trust in Russia's Putin falls to 13-year low: state pollster
Reuters, 21-01-2019 18:14:31

UK PM May says looking forward to exploring Polish proposal for backstop time limit
Reuters, 21-01-2019 18:04:47

IMF fears trade war and weak Europe could trigger sharp global slowdown
Reuters, 21-01-2019 18:03:05

Taliban attack on Afghan security base kills over 100
Reuters, 21-01-2019 18:03:48

UK PM May and EU leaders share determination to reach deal: May's spokesman
Reuters, 21-01-2019 17:55:33

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