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Macron's startup-style campaign upends French expectations
POITIERS, France (AP) -- Whether or not Emmanuel Macron wins the French presidency in next Sunday's runoff, he has already accomplished the unthinkable....
Associated Press, 30-04-2017 22:29:17

7 killed, dozens hurt in severe storms, 30-04-2017 22:25:30

Tornadoes, storms kill nine in U.S. South
Reuters, 30-04-2017 22:17:08

In this NC city, people on both sides of the immigration debate have one thing in common: fear, 30-04-2017 22:11:39

French voters skeptical Macron, Le Pen have answers on unemployment, security
Reuters, 30-04-2017 22:01:40

Iran's leader rebuffs Rouhani's detente policy ahead of vote
Reuters, 30-04-2017 21:59:01

Minhaj: Who tweets at 3 a.m. sober?, 30-04-2017 21:53:21

American democracy is winning... so far, 30-04-2017 21:36:38

Opinion: Trump is right about media bias, 30-04-2017 21:34:13

Hasan Minhaj's best lines from the correspondents' dinner, 30-04-2017 21:32:02

France kills more than 20 militants on Mali, Burkina border
Reuters, 30-04-2017 21:24:51

UPS air maintenance workers threaten strike ahead of shareholders meeting
Reuters, 30-04-2017 20:47:11

South Korea says U.S. reaffirms it will pay THAAD costs; Trump calls Asia allies
Reuters, 30-04-2017 20:43:09

Iraqi commander says to complete capture of Mosul in May
Reuters, 30-04-2017 20:36:54

US troops patrol Turkey-Syria border, 30-04-2017 20:35:49

Trump says China could have hacked Democratic emails
Reuters, 30-04-2017 20:31:51

Trump could target 'carried interest' tax loophole: official
Reuters, 30-04-2017 20:28:35

Trump celebrates first 100 days as president, blasts media
Reuters, 30-04-2017 20:12:35

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