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James Gunn fired as 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' director, 21-07-2018 07:50:08

Andrew Lincoln breaks hearts as he confirms 'Walking Dead' exit at Comic-Con, 21-07-2018 00:16:28

'Castle Rock' is Stephen King scary, 20-07-2018 22:11:37

Here's the story of two famous TV houses, 20-07-2018 19:40:06

Jinger Duggar welcomes baby girl, 20-07-2018 18:21:48

Four ways President Trump is changing prime time TV, 20-07-2018 15:56:19

Denzel Washington picks off familiar targets in 'Equalizer 2', 20-07-2018 15:21:23

Aaron Paul's daughter in a mini hazmat suit is ridiculously cute, 20-07-2018 15:11:02

Celebrities audition for 'Batgirl', 20-07-2018 06:08:00

Adrian Cronauer, disc jockey who inspired Robin Williams' role in 'Good Morning, Vietnam,' dies, 20-07-2018 01:30:55

It's a summer of love over on Netflix, 19-07-2018 23:46:21

Harvey Weinstein files motion to dismiss Ashley Judd suit, 19-07-2018 19:52:02

Jennifer Lopez's 'Second Act', 19-07-2018 19:20:38

Disney's battle plan? Just look around Comic-Con, 19-07-2018 18:59:39

'Mamma Mia' sequel will have you singing 'Fernando', 19-07-2018 16:09:38

Robin Williams remembered in poignant HBO doc, 19-07-2018 07:57:01

Is Sacha Baron Cohen still funny?, 19-07-2018 07:56:20

Comic-Con kicks off amid period showing off fandom's ugly side, 18-07-2018 19:58:20

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