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Syracuse fraternity suspended over video, 19-04-2018 22:07:05

The fired FBI director answers Jake Tapper's questions as his war of words with President Trump continues, 19-04-2018 21:30:17

Firefighter who pulled flight victim back into plane 'felt a calling to help', 19-04-2018 21:27:23

Justice Department sends criminal referral on ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, 19-04-2018 21:23:16

Oops! Bank accidentally sends $35 billion payment, 19-04-2018 21:21:00

Robert DeNiro's offer to students participating in the school walkout, 19-04-2018 21:18:44

Mueller team says it has not gone rogue, 19-04-2018 21:14:57

Analysis: Ted Cruz's ode to Trump is why people hate politicians, 19-04-2018 20:59:41

A lot of people wore their oxygen masks wrong during the emergency landing, 19-04-2018 20:48:33

Opinion: Stephon Clark's tweets are a reminder: #SayHerName, 19-04-2018 20:20:00

Bay Area overdue for major earthquake. When it hits, it could kill hundreds, 19-04-2018 20:05:24

Analysis: Why Cruz-O'Rourke poll should make GOP nervous, 19-04-2018 20:01:45

Racism is as British as a cup of tea, 19-04-2018 19:52:49

Cuba's new president vows to defend Castro revolutionary legacy
Reuters, 19-04-2018 19:46:56

Marijuana-derived drug for epilepsy gets FDA committee recommendation, 19-04-2018 19:46:02

Cohen drops defamation suits over infamous dossier, 19-04-2018 19:37:23

Skull surgery was performed on this Stone Age cow, 19-04-2018 19:30:37

U.S. official calls on Myanmar to free journalists
Reuters, 19-04-2018 19:14:19

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  Assad steps up efforts to crush last besieged encl..., Reuters, 2018-04-19
  Haley's retort shows why she's unique in Trump's W...,, 2018-04-19
  Justice Dept. watchdog to report on Clinton-relate..., Reuters, 2018-04-19
  North Korea drops major condition in denuclearizat...,, 2018-04-19
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