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Republicans place their bets on strong Election Day turnout as Democrats bank millions of mail-in votes, 27-10-2020 00:32:35

Trump's taxes and abortion cases await Barrett's first week, 27-10-2020 00:24:11

White House set to hold swearing-in ceremony, 27-10-2020 00:21:50

Irvine, California, issues evacuation order to about 60,000 people as Silverado Fire spreads, 27-10-2020 00:20:37

Charles Schwab plans to lay off 1,000 employees following TD Ameritrade merger, 26-10-2020 23:49:15

Analysis: This chart shows why Trump is so dangerous to the GOP, 26-10-2020 23:32:52

Analysis: Kushner's revealing comment on Black Americans' desire for success, 26-10-2020 23:04:01

Barrett's answers on Roe v. Wade were different, 26-10-2020 23:02:35

NASA spacecraft will stow asteroid sample to stop it from leaking into space, 26-10-2020 22:58:25

Democratic senators warn the filibuster may have to go if they take back the Senate and GOP stands in the way, 26-10-2020 22:55:03

Trump supporters and counterprotesters clash during a demonstration in NYC, 26-10-2020 22:44:51

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner threaten to sue over billboard, 26-10-2020 22:42:53

Opinion: What you're saying if you choose not to vote, 26-10-2020 22:33:35

Kayleigh McEnany once praised Biden as a 'man of the people' who resonates with "middle class" over 'tycoon' Trump, 26-10-2020 22:33:20

Road to 270: Biden leading in these battleground states, 26-10-2020 22:25:50

Why it's time to retire 'Election Day', 26-10-2020 22:19:05

CNN Exclusive: Women helped Biden expand fundraising lead over Trump, 26-10-2020 22:15:03

Group sees 14% increase in child Covid-19 cases with close to 800,000 US kids infected, 26-10-2020 21:44:49

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