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These foods linked to ongoing outbreaks might make you sick, 21-07-2018 01:20:41

What you should know about Vibrio bacteria, 21-07-2018 00:20:57

This 11 year old was bullied for her skin color. Now, she owns a successful clothing line, 20-07-2018 23:59:22

230-plus obstacles in one race sets world record for fun, 20-07-2018 23:37:48

A boy dies after he's left in a day care bus for more than three hours while temperatures soared past 100, 20-07-2018 23:15:31

Bayer to stop selling Essure birth control device in US, 20-07-2018 23:02:35

A study shows that when a wife out-earns her husband, she downplays her income while he exaggerates his, 20-07-2018 19:45:38

An entire medical school class will get free tuition after donation, 20-07-2018 19:42:58

A trans woman says a pharmacist refused to fill her hormone prescription, 20-07-2018 17:38:43

The myth of the sunscreen pill, 20-07-2018 16:41:49

Liver disease deaths spike among young Americans, 20-07-2018 16:25:41

Foodborne illness may be on the rise, here's why, 20-07-2018 15:55:09

More people sickened by parasite in outbreak linked to McDonald's salads, 20-07-2018 04:11:29

Baltimore bans sugary drinks from kids' menus, 19-07-2018 22:40:26

She makes sure unwanted food gets to hungry Americans, 19-07-2018 22:37:05

Is sparkling water as hydrating as regular water?, 19-07-2018 22:06:06

Non-dairy beverages like soy and almond milk may not be 'milk,' FDA suggests, 19-07-2018 21:32:48

Salmonella outbreak in 26 states tied to raw turkey, 19-07-2018 21:14:00

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