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Does microwaving food cause nutrient loss?, 26-09-2018 10:06:51

Gene editing could eliminate mosquitoes, but is it a good idea?, 26-09-2018 03:25:53

Shockwaves from WWII bombing raids reached the edge of space, 26-09-2018 02:25:42

A dog lost part of her skull to cancer. Researchers printed a 3D one, 26-09-2018 01:43:17

Syphilis cases in newborn babies reach 20-year high, CDC says, 25-09-2018 22:44:31

Addiction could stem from ancient retrovirus, study suggests, 25-09-2018 21:09:13

Hawaiian macadamia nut products recalled due to E. coli concern, 25-09-2018 19:44:45

UK's life expectancy stalls -- a sign something is 'seriously wrong', 25-09-2018 19:31:49

Seattle will vacate more than 500 convictions for marijuana possession, saying they unfairly impact people of color, 25-09-2018 18:27:34

'Amazing' treatment helps paralyzed woman walk again, 25-09-2018 16:44:23

Congo faces 'perfect storm' for Ebola to spread, 25-09-2018 15:18:37

Drugmaker touts major heart benefits of fish oil derivative, experts reserve judgment, 25-09-2018 14:14:11

DNA detectives hunt the causes of cancer, 25-09-2018 12:58:25

Girl can attend school with her cannabis-based medicine, California court rules, 25-09-2018 12:14:48

National Sexual Assault Hotline gets 57% spike in calls after Kavanaugh allegations, 24-09-2018 20:52:10

New device offers hope for people with heart failure, 24-09-2018 20:01:59

Obesity to become leading cause of cancer in women, 24-09-2018 13:44:26

Are you tall? Watch out for varicose veins, 24-09-2018 11:12:06

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