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Fat found in overweight people's lungs
The findings could explain why being overweight or obese increases asthma risk, researchers say.
BBC News, 18-10-2019 04:18:40

Genetic tests: Experts urge caution over home testing
People should not make health decisions based on genetic tests they do at home, experts warn.
BBC News, 17-10-2019 02:48:44

Microphone could diagnose 'noisy' arthritic knees
The technology is the same as that used by engineers to listen for faults in bridges.
BBC News, 17-10-2019 02:42:28

Cardiac arrest in fitness class caught on camera
Mark Kingsland was sparring in a fitness class when he went into cardiac arrest.
BBC News, 16-10-2019 20:46:05

Florida could require a prescription for certain sunscreens that could harm coral reefs, 16-10-2019 18:36:38

Tafida Raqeeb: Brain-damaged girl arrives in Italy
Hospital bosses in the UK had tried to block attempts to move Tafida Raqeeb to the hospital in Genoa.
BBC News, 16-10-2019 15:06:09

Cancer survivor's joy at breast milk donations
Mum Emma Rees was unable to breastfeed after having a double mastectomy.
BBC News, 16-10-2019 07:52:06

Top 34 bestselling 'fruit' drinks for kids deemed unhealthy, 16-10-2019 06:08:47

A third person has died after a Legionnaires' disease outbreak in North Carolina, 16-10-2019 03:50:05

How dad saved son from 'scalding cuppa' scars
Each year hundreds of young UK children end up in hospital with severe but avoidable coffee and tea scalds, like Archie.
BBC News, 16-10-2019 03:19:27

NHS screening 'needs to fit with busy lives'
Mobile clinics and evening and weekend opening could help increase uptake of NHS screening programmes.
BBC News, 16-10-2019 03:18:21

The world's first artificial womb for humans
Doctors in the Netherlands say they are within 10 years of creating a 'second' womb for premature babies.
BBC News, 16-10-2019 01:54:59

Pakistan royal visit: Prince William and Kate go to reception by auto rickshaw
The royal pair make a colourful entrance at the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad.
BBC News, 15-10-2019 22:23:59

Deadly parasite 'jumped' from gorilla to humans
Discovery of mutation 50,000 years ago could help in the fight against malaria.
BBC News, 15-10-2019 21:13:53

Ohio might become the latest state to end the tax on pads and tampons. Here are others that already have, 15-10-2019 19:35:18

The germiest place in your home and the best way to combat those microbes, 15-10-2019 18:28:13

These high school sports have the highest concussion rates, 15-10-2019 14:04:22

A stressful pregnancy reduces the chances of having a boy, a study shows, 15-10-2019 13:04:50

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