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Saudi judge denies mom custody for exposing child to Western culture, 17-08-2019 00:55:39

Hong Kong officials deny protesters a permit for Sunday march, 16-08-2019 17:35:14

Trump's Israel power play puts political goals over US interests, 16-08-2019 13:31:11

London Stock Exchange hit by delay, 16-08-2019 11:39:32

North Korea: No wish to talk with South Korea, 16-08-2019 09:19:17

Inside WeWork, one couple wields control, 15-08-2019 19:20:45

Is Hong Kong still safe to visit?, 15-08-2019 12:05:35

Muslim pilgrims pray in Mecca as haj winds down without incident
Reuters, 14-08-2019 00:35:58

Australian Prime Minister set to woo Pacific leaders at annual forum
Reuters, 14-08-2019 00:30:19

Trump hopes 'tricky' Hong Kong situation works out 'for liberty'
Reuters, 13-08-2019 23:47:58

Police, protesters clash at Hong Kong airport after flights halted for second day
Reuters, 13-08-2019 23:47:58

Hong Kong's freedoms of expression and assembly should be protected: U.S. official
Reuters, 13-08-2019 23:14:24

Speaker Bercow says he will stop Johnson from closing parliament to secure Brexit: Telegraph
Reuters, 13-08-2019 23:12:36

Concern over Macri's future again hits Argentina markets
Reuters, 13-08-2019 23:05:27

Egyptian tycoon and Mubarak ally Hussein Salem dies
Reuters, 13-08-2019 22:50:00

China denies Hong Kong port visit for U.S. Navy ships amid tensions
Reuters, 13-08-2019 22:22:44

Pakistan asks U.N. Security Council to meet over India moves in Kashmir
Reuters, 13-08-2019 21:40:41

Italy Senate slows government crisis, frustrating Salvini's election push
Reuters, 13-08-2019 21:31:57

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  Global Times says reporter held by demonstrators a..., Reuters, 2019-08-13
  Iran's Khamenei backs Yemen's Houthi movement, cal..., Reuters, 2019-08-13
  Iran says Britain might release oil tanker soon, G..., Reuters, 2019-08-13
  Kremlin says it is winning arms race against U.S...., Reuters, 2019-08-13
  India needs time to restore order in Kashmir: top..., Reuters, 2019-08-13
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