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Ethiopia jails soldiers who marched on PM palace to up to 14 years
Reuters, 15-12-2018 14:06:22

African Union force denies it was involved in arrest of ex-al Shabaab leader
Reuters, 15-12-2018 13:53:24

Cold weather, Croatian police stop migrants at EU frontier
Reuters, 15-12-2018 13:44:30

Europe must fight illiberal forces, Draghi warns
Reuters, 15-12-2018 13:32:36

Thousands of 'yellow vests' hit French streets in fifth Saturday of protests
Reuters, 15-12-2018 12:48:37

British minister warns Brexit is stuck as no-deal or referendum loom
Reuters, 15-12-2018 12:12:43

Ethnic violence in southern Ethiopia kills 21, wounds 61 - state news
Reuters, 15-12-2018 11:59:58

China pledges to help Afghanistan and Pakistan bridge divisions
Reuters, 15-12-2018 11:57:39

Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as Israel's capital but embassy not moving yet
Reuters, 15-12-2018 11:38:28

Israel destroys house of Palestinian charged with killing soldier
Reuters, 15-12-2018 11:33:19

Sri Lanka PM Rajapaksa resigns amid government shut down fears
Reuters, 15-12-2018 11:26:54

Qatar says Gulf Arab bloc needs reform to give it teeth
Reuters, 15-12-2018 11:11:12

Qatar foreign minister says Gulf Arab bloc 'has no teeth'
Reuters, 15-12-2018 10:34:05

Romania says EU working on conference to help solve Gulf crisis
Reuters, 15-12-2018 10:34:05

Turkey will keep attacking PKK in Iraq, foreign ministry says
Reuters, 15-12-2018 10:05:11

Eleven die, more than 90 fall sick after eating temple food in India
Reuters, 15-12-2018 09:20:28

China's Xi declares an 'overwhelming victory' over graft: state media
Reuters, 15-12-2018 08:11:29

China jails boss of 100 billion yuan pyramid scheme for inciting protests
Reuters, 15-12-2018 07:06:52

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