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BBC News, 19-05-2022 13:20:14
London police end Partygate inquiry with more fines
BBC News, 19-05-2022 13:19:28
EuroMillons: Lottery winners scooped £184m with lucky dip ticket, 19-05-2022 13:15:28
Voyager 1 is sending back data from interstellar space that's mystifying NASA
BBC News, 19-05-2022 13:06:03
Global stock markets fall as growth fears rattle investors, 19-05-2022 13:05:33
Buffalo shooting survivors hid in a milk cooler, waiting for horror to stop. The suspect is set to appear in court today
BBC News, 19-05-2022 13:03:30
Navjot Singh Sidhu: India's cricketer-turned-politician jailed for road rage death

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