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 What is Oxpus?

Oxpus is a file manager for Windows and Linux / Unix.

This program enables easy and fast file operations between and in directories. Instead of a single browser like in Windows Explorer, Oxpus has two fixed browsers for easier and faster management between directories.
 What can it do?

Oxpus can do all the usual operationes you might expect from a file manager.

Among other things you may cut, copy, paste, delete files/directories etc between the two browsers or just within one browser.  See more More
 How much does it cost?

For the time being Oxpus is free (freeware) for personal use.

But Oxpus may NOT be used in or for any commercial interests. This means for example that you may download and use Oxpus at home or in school as a student, but you may NOT under any conditions use Oxpus at work.
 Amiga has Risen!

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 Oxpus features:

  • Two browsers at
     the same time...
  • Copy, Move,
     Duplicate files...
  • File Types,
  • and more...

 Free download

Get Oxpus for free!



Question: When I try to start Oxpus I will get an error message saying something like "main.class not found!". What's wrong?

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