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Question: I have downloaded and installed Oxpus, how do I start it?

Answer: If you choosed to crate a desctop icon during the Windows installer then you should have the Oxpus icon on your desktop, this will start Oxpus.

If not, then go to the same directory where you have installed Oxpus and double click on the file "Oxpus.exe" or "Oxpus.jar". If it doesn't start or you get some strange error message, then you probably don't have Java™ installed or have an older version of it. You can get the latest version here.

If it still doesn't start try the following How do I run the file Oxpus.jar from command line input?

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 Oxpus features:

  • Two browsers at
     the same time...
  • Copy, Move,
     Duplicate files...
  • File Types,
  • and more...

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Question: How do I copy a file in Oxpus?

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