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Software Ports/Packings

68k Demos (compatible with OS4/MOS)

Name Genre OS Host
WCIP by Eludeexternal link demo/scene OS3/OS4/MOS OS4Depot
DUST by Eludeexternal link demo/scene OS3/OS4/MOS OS4Depot

OS4 Pygames

Don't expect too much from these :P

Name Genre OS Host
Banished Wingsexternal link game/shmup OS4 OS4Depot
PySpiderexternal link game/puzzle OS4 OS4Depot
Cubeexternal link game/kids OS4 OS4Depot
Spaceball 2000external link game/puzzle OS4 OS4Depot
Primezatorexternal link game/puzzle OS4 OS4Depot
Jigsaw Puzzleexternal link game/puzzle OS4 OS4Depot
Space Warexternal link game/shmup OS4 OS4Depot
Patriarchsexternal link game/board OS4 OS4Depot

Other ports/packings

Please note: I'm not the author of these below, I've only uploaded these since they were missing :)

Name Genre OS Host
Update to KingCON 1.8external link util/shell OS3/OS4/MOS OS4Depot - Native lang. support libraryexternal link dev/lib/mis OS4 OS4Depot

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