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Headquarters of Marko's Amiga stuff

Latest News / Changes

14 Feb 2018 - The Lhx archiver (renamed from L7z) updated with bugfixes.
29 Jan 2018 - New utility program, the Lhx archiver (renamed from L7z) released.
23 Jan 2018 - Updated the The shell command ShowFiles (sf) with some new features.
23 Dec 2017 - Preferences updated to 1.60 with some additions.
11 Dec 2017 - The software webpages of the three last items are up to date now.

10 Dec 2017 - Updated the The shell command ShowFiles (sf) with some fixes.
09 Dec 2017 - Updated the CLI command ExtraVersion to 1.1.0b.
03 Dec 2017 - Updated the CLI command ExtraVersion .
02 Dec 2017 - Added a few screenshots of Dølle 2 .
30 Nov 2017 - The proper version of Absolute Dølle 2 released.

12 Feb 2017 - CookieMaster was was updated to version 1.5.3 with various fixes, and a new screenshot added.
11 Feb 2017 - CookieMonster was renamed to CookieMaster cookie cleaner and updated with various bugfixes.
18 Jan 2017 - New screenshots of AOS4.1 in WinUAE .
30 Dec 2016 - Added some new screenshots and updated Dir vs List vs ShowFiles (sf) page.
27 Dec 2016 - ShowFiles (sf) updated to 0.990 and a screenshot added.

19 Dec 2016 - Added new m680x0 Xmas intro, XmasLights, merry Xmas!
08 Oct 2016 - Preferences updated to 1.53 with a number of bugfixes among others, and a few screenshots added.
02 Oct 2016 - Preferences updated to 1.52.
18 Sep 2016 - Colors CLI command updated.
11 Sep 2016 - New Ecorcist icon for the window and screen killer program, and a new screenshot added.



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