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Software productions


Name OS Host
EarthLights 2012 Backdrops/Wallpapers Generic OS4Depot
Exorcist icon Generic OS4Depot
Free Pascal-Lazarus IDE icons Generic OS4Depot
GetPixel - get color of a pixel AOS4 OS4Depot
NetSurf Icons Generic OS4Depot
(Reboot icons, see RebootNow) Generic OS4Depot
Timberwolf (Firefox) Icon Generic OS4Depot

Utility - Development

Name OS Host
Convert Text file to C/C++ char (incl. C source) AOS4 OS4Depot
ExtraVersion - Extra-version command /OA.org AOS4 OS4Depot
'Safely' crashes with purpose (incl. C source) AOS4 OS4Depot

Utility - Internet

Name OS Host
CookieMaster cookie cleaner AOS4/MOS/AROS Aminet/OS4Depot

Utility - Script

Name OS Host
Reboot Requester Script for AOS4 AOS4 OS4Depot

Utility - Shell

Name OS Host
Enables to Use CD.. (incl. dots) - CD-dot-dot Amiga Generic Aminet/OS4Depot
Colors command - Prints a color table AOS4 OS4Depot
Lhx archiver - Compress & unpack Lhx AOS4 OS4Depot
ShowFiles (sf) - shows a sorted & text-formatted file list AOS4 OS4Depot

Utility - Workbench

Name OS Host
Preferences window with Grouped Icons AOS4 OS4Depot


Name OS Host
BoingCube - A bouncing boing cube AOS4 OS4Depot
Large Red Fart button by CanDLe Amiga/Windows/Mac Aminet/OS4Depot
ScreenTitleFormat - set alternative screentitle on your WB AOS4 OS4Depot

Scene intros/demos

Name OS Host
64k intro - VOD by Void & Candle Amiga Aminet
2016 Xmas intro - XmasLights by Void Amiga Aminet
Music disk - Absolute Dølle 2 by Void AOS4 OS4Depot
For more Candle prods, please check the Candle demo page page.
For more Void prods, please check the Void demo releases page.

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