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Amiga Intro - Candle-2008 by Candle


Candle-2008 - by Candle

Prod Name: Candle-2008
Type: Intro
Description: Released 2008 after 12 years.
Release Date: 2008-oct
Pout URL:

Code: Angel
Graphics: Angel
Music: Cloud

Platform: Amiga
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Requirements: A500 or better
Additional: Slighty modified and recompiled in 2008, the intro was made in 1996 but
was never released. Yes, coded in Amos. (Angel's handle is misspelled in
the scroller as "Angle".)
Free Download
Lzh: Download CDL-Candle-2008.lzh, (file missing)
Zip: Download, 92 KB
Zipped Adf (Adz): Download, 611 KB

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