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A screenshot of CookieMaster in AmigaOS 4.
A screenshot of CookieMaster in MorphOS. (taken
by Yannick Buchy)

CookieMaster 1.5.3 Ignore List

CookieMaster - Web browser cookie cleaner

Latest version: CookieMaster-1.5.4 (AOS4/MOS/AROS) (with mainly bugfixes)

Important: Download first the CookieMaster DEMO for your platform and try it out so you know it works on your system!

After purchase you will receive an email with the license key to your email address, thank you.

AmigaOS4 Download CookieMaster
Demo for AmigaOS 4

AmigaOS 4* - License key for CookieMaster

MorphOS Download CookieMaster
Demo for MorphOS

MorphOS* - License key for CookieMaster

AROS Download CookieMaster
Demo for AROS

AROS* - License key for CookieMaster

*) The license key for CookieMaster is personal and for one person per platform only. A single license key is valid for up to four (4) systems on the same platform. Two different platforms requires two (2) license keys, one for each platform. And three different platforms requires three (3) license keys, one for respective platform.


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