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Hi, my name is Marko K. Sepp�nen. I live in Sweden, but I'm kind of both Swedish and Finnish (I am and I feel like both nationalities). I was born in Finland but Raised in Sweden since I was about 1 years old, and I speak both languages fluently. The Swedes call me a Finn, and Finns call me a Swede ;)

My Computer "Collection"

Except for Windows PC:s, HiFi:s, SmartPhones, SmartTV:s and alike...
  • (sold) Commodore 128, 1571 Floppy Drive, Commodore Final Cartridge, Commodore Action Replay Cartridge
  • (sold) Amiga 500+, KS 1.2/2.0 Switch, Amiga Action Replay Cartridge
  • Philips CD-i
  • (got into the dupster by mistake :(  ) Commodore 1084S Video Monitor
  • (spare) Amiga 1200
  • Amiga 1200 / Blizzard 1230 (68030) / Apollo 1240 (68040), 420 MB 3'5 External HD, 3 x Amiga External Floppy Drives
  • PlayStation 1
  • Nokia N900
  • Sam440ep-flex 800MHz, 1MB RAM, Radeon 9250

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