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Question: How do I add the Oxpus application to the panel in Linux Ubuntu?


1. Right click on the panel and choose "Add to Panel...".

2. Choose "Custom Application Launcher".

3. In the "Create Launcher" window that appears set the fields as follows:

 • Type: Application
 • Name: Oxpus File Manager

4. Then browse to the directory where you have installed Oxpus and choose the Main.jar file.

5. Now edit the field named "Command" as follows:

java -jar {installed-directory}/Main.jar -start

Where {installed-directory} should be replace by the path where you have installed Oxpus.

6. Finally choose an appropriate icon.

7. Done, now try it!

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 Oxpus features:

  • Two browsers at
     the same time...
  • Copy, Move,
     Duplicate files...
  • File Types,
  • and more...

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Question: Do I need Java™ on my computer to run Oxpus?

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