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How Putin has given South Africa a big diplomatic headache
The Russian leader's invasion of Ukraine has made life complicated for South Africa on several fronts.
BBC News, 03-06-2023 01:22:09

Kyiv missile strikes: Tracking the rise of Russian attacks
Russia is mounting more frequent missile and drone raids on Ukraine recently, with a focus on Kyiv.
BBC News, 03-06-2023 01:14:19

Beijing's comedy crackdown is hitting its music scene
The crackdown on stand-up comedy unleashed by a joke is now hurting Beijing's vibrant live music scene.
BBC News, 03-06-2023 01:13:16

Week in pictures: 27 May - 2 June 2023
A selection of striking images from around the world, taken over the past seven days.
BBC News, 03-06-2023 01:11:48

Sanda Dia: Belgium reckons with verdict over black student's hazing death
Sanda Dia died after being made to consume excessive amounts of fish oil and alcohol in 2018.
BBC News, 03-06-2023 01:01:32

Man Utd v Man City: The schools teaching future stars for both clubs
As Manchester United and Manchester City meet in Saturday's FA Cup final, BBC Sport looks at the schools which specialise in moulding the clubs' young talent.
BBC News, 03-06-2023 01:01:03

Can US spelling bee champs spell British words?
The BBC put these pro spellers to the test during the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee.
BBC News, 03-06-2023 00:34:54

Jojo Moyes: 'I've always been a woman's woman'
The bestselling author says she would not have made it without determination and female support.
BBC News, 02-06-2023 23:05:57

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