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Prince of Wales sells Big Issue in London supermarket
The Prince of Wales swapped Christmas cards with a Big Issue seller in Hammersmith.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 17:51:02

Prince Harry security decision unfair, High Court told
The Duke of Sussex's lawyers are challenging the Home Office over the decision to downgrade his protection.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 17:40:34

Breaking down the Grand Theft Auto VI 79 seconds
Here's what our main takeaways are from the long-awaited trailer for the gaming blockbuster.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 16:28:52

Junior doctors plan nine days of strikes, after talks collapse
Walkouts are planned on three days in the run-up to Christmas and six days in the new year.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 15:30:34

What the new UK visa rules mean
Increasing minimum salary requirements is among a package of measures to cut migration to the UK.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 15:02:49

Hack of 6.9m profiles at genetic test firm 23andMe
Hackers were able to gain access because some customers reused old passwords, biotech company 23andMe said.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 14:48:07

Mount Marapi: Indonesia volcano death toll rises to 22
At least 22 people are known to have been killed on Mount Marapi after nine more bodies are found.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 14:45:01

Jenrick insists UK workers will fill labour gaps after migration crackdown
The immigration minister says he is prepared to "take further steps" if net migration does not come down.
BBC News, 05-12-2023 14:40:42

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