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Tech funds adopt private equity strategies in race to return cash to investors
Technology, 03-12-2023 10:16:13

AstraZeneca ties up with AI biologics company to develop cancer drug
Technology, 03-12-2023 06:00:33

EY claims success in using AI to find audit frauds
Technology, 03-12-2023 06:00:33

Could X go bankrupt under Elon Musk?
BBC News, 03-12-2023 00:56:24

US, UK and Australia move to track ‘emerging threats’ in space
Technology, 02-12-2023 01:21:06

‘The Rest Is . . .’  taking over the world
Technology, 01-12-2023 23:00:39

News updates from December 1: S&P 500 closes at 20-month high and gold hits record despite rate cut pushback from Powell, Israel resumes fighting against Hamas
Technology, 01-12-2023 22:37:17

Nvidia played its way to the domination of AI
Technology, 01-12-2023 19:00:39

Charlie Munger and the Magnificent Seven
Technology, 01-12-2023 18:37:43

GTA 6: Game to be unveiled with 5 December trailer
Ten years after the release of GTA 5, the next game in the series is due to be unveiled on 5 December.
BBC News, 01-12-2023 18:20:37

Tokenised securities: blockchain offers more than lower cost and faster speed
Technology, 01-12-2023 16:10:20

X ramps up new advertising strategy following Musk’s tirade
Technology, 01-12-2023 16:09:18

PDD/Alibaba: nimble rival catches up with Jack Ma’s behemoth
Technology, 01-12-2023 14:31:26

Why weather in games is getting more realistic
BBC News, 01-12-2023 13:12:32

Why markets had a stellar November
Technology, 01-12-2023 06:00:07

TikTok: US judge blocks Montana's ban citing free speech
Chinese-owned app welcomes the ruling against "unconstitutional law" due to come into effect in January.
BBC News, 01-12-2023 05:48:10

US judge blocks first-ever state ban on TikTok
Technology, 01-12-2023 02:01:27

'Red gold': Why saffron production is dwindling in India
The spice saffron fetches huge sums of money, but is hard to grow and Indian production is falling.
BBC News, 30-11-2023 23:20:54

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