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Accusers have been waiting for this day. But they say their fight isn't over., 26-09-2018 12:23:53

14 years and two trials later, Bill Cosby is led away in handcuffs, 26-09-2018 12:22:32

Black Vermont lawmaker Kiah Morris resigns following threats
CBS News, 26-09-2018 12:15:25

How many Americans actually back Trump?, 26-09-2018 12:03:39

6 things to know before the opening bell, 26-09-2018 11:43:59

Mother of missing 6-year-old with autism pleads for help, 26-09-2018 11:42:25

Analysis: Lindsey Graham's disappointing admission about Kavanaugh's hearing, 26-09-2018 11:35:23

Airstrikes blamed for 21 Afghan civilian deaths in 2 days
CBS News, 26-09-2018 10:54:22

The move reflects a growing feud over strict military sanctions imposed by Washington on Beijing, 26-09-2018 10:45:16

Delta online systems back to normal after outage, 26-09-2018 10:44:27

Chinese man arrested in US for allegedly acting as illegal agent, 26-09-2018 10:39:18

Ready for an Arctic beach vacation?, 26-09-2018 10:35:36

Analysis: Trump lays bare his worldview, 26-09-2018 10:26:04

Late night laughs off UN's reaction to Trump speech, 26-09-2018 10:26:13

Images show super typhoon as it heads for Japan, 26-09-2018 09:11:19

Mexican authorities seize control of Acapulco police force, 26-09-2018 09:02:11

Suspect in deadly Calif. beatings was deported 6 times, ICE says
CBS News, 26-09-2018 08:34:18

Macron rebukes Trump's isolationist message, 26-09-2018 08:20:47

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  Senate Republicans hire female prosecutor to quest..., CBS News, 2018-09-26
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