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Analysis: Russia's war in Ukraine is at a dangerous tipping point
The chaos of the past week might be incorrectly comforting. Despite Russia's continued disastrous handling of its war of choice in Ukraine, the conflict's most dangerous moment may be nearing., 27-09-2022 12:41:47

Watch: See where Hurricane Ian is headed
Hurricane Ian is slamming Cuba and plans strengthen and bring devastating storm surge, heavy rain and high winds to much of western Florida. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast., 27-09-2022 12:29:40

Not sleeping enough may harm your immune system and trigger inflammation
Chronic sleep deprivation in a small group of healthy adults increased production of immune cells linked to inflammation while also altering the immune cells' DNA, a new study found., 27-09-2022 12:25:15

Asia's richest man sees growing isolation for China
Indian billionaire Gautam Adani says that China "will feel increasingly isolated" and the "foremost champion of globalization" would find it hard to bounce back from a period of economic weakness., 27-09-2022 12:22:03

Congress again races to avoid shutdown as key vote at risk of failing
The Senate is slated to take a key vote Tuesday to take up government funding that is at risk of failing over a deal cut by West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin that has come under sharp criticism from Republicans and liberals -- pushback that could be enough to sink the vote and push Congress to the brink of a shutdown., 27-09-2022 12:06:33

DOJ declares seized Mar-a-Lago materials list full and accurate despite Trump's claims of planted evidence, 27-09-2022 11:55:01

The gigantic moon hotel that could be built in Dubai
Whether it's a blast into suborbital space or a hotel stay among the stars, space tourism entrepreneurs believe one day we'll all be opting for out-of-this-world vacations., 27-09-2022 11:46:54

Western Cuba is enduring significant wind and storm surge as the storm is expected to move toward Florida, leaving devastating wind damage in its path, 27-09-2022 11:45:23

Impact: Buccaneers moving practice to Miami amid Hurricane Ian concerns
In preparation for the potential impact of Hurricane Ian, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are relocating their football operations to Miami-Dade County, Florida., 27-09-2022 11:33:17

Las Vegas Review Journal claims police unlawfully seized slain reporter Jeff German's computers and cell phone
Attorneys representing the newspaper where slain Las Vegas reporter Jeff German worked are arguing his "journalistic materials" were unlawfully seized by city police, according to a letter sent by the attorneys and obtained by CNN., 27-09-2022 11:24:19

Historic trial for Oath Keepers leader and his top lieutenants over January 6 set to begin, 27-09-2022 11:07:35

Crisis: Climate change causing hurricanes to intensify faster
Hurricane Ian is strengthening rapidly in the Caribbean as it passes over the ultra-warm waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center had predicted the system would rapidly intensify from a tropical storm to at least a category 4 hurricane in less than 72 hours., 27-09-2022 10:37:43

Scenarios: Meteorologists say Ian's exact path is still uncertain
Waking up this morning, there's a sense of dread., 27-09-2022 10:34:28

Scientists are listening to glaciers to discover the secrets of the oceans
Snap, crackle, pop: the sound of a glacier. The large bodies of densely packed ice may look like motionless masses, but they flow and fracture and grow and shrink, and these processes are anything but silent., 27-09-2022 10:32:00

US Navy sends its most advanced surface warship to east Asia
The US Navy's most advanced surface warship is showing its stealthy profile in the western Pacific on a mission that may set the stage for the eventual deployment of US hypersonic missiles to the region., 27-09-2022 10:30:57

Canada to remove final Covid-19 travel restrictions
From October 1, Canada is removing all remaining Covid-19 entry restrictions including testing, quarantine and isolation requirements, officials announced Monday., 27-09-2022 10:27:59

Man who recruited migrants for flights to Martha's Vineyard says he feels betrayed, 27-09-2022 08:39:27

Ex-CIA officer predicts Putin's next move
Russian President Vladimir Putin is under pressure as many Russians are defying his call for partial mobilization for the war in Ukraine. CNN's Intelligence and Security Analyst Robert Baer says Putin will not de-escalate his war against Ukraine despite facing setbacks., 27-09-2022 08:03:44

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