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North Korea to have 22 athletes in 5 Olympic sports, IOC says
CBS News, 20-01-2018 14:07:25

Government shutdown: Who is affected and what's next?
CBS News, 20-01-2018 13:57:46

US flu season gets worse, has 'lot more steam' than expected
NEW YORK (AP) -- The flu season in the U.S. is getting worse....
Associated Press, 20-01-2018 13:28:09

Trump responds to government shutdown, 20-01-2018 13:28:18

Governor denies parole for Manson follower Leslie Van Houten
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The governor of California once again denied parole Friday for Leslie Van Houten, the youngest follower of murderous cult leader Charles Manson who blamed herself at her parole hearing for letting him control her life....
Associated Press, 20-01-2018 13:23:09

Eye Opener: Blame game begins as the government shuts down
CBS News, 20-01-2018 13:20:27

Church conservatives question pope's airborne nuptials
LIMA, Peru (AP) -- The honeymoon, as it were, is apparently over....
Associated Press, 20-01-2018 13:11:09

Chaos from Hawaii false alarm shows we still don't know what to do
Disaster preparedness experts said that the Hawaii missile threat false alarm could provide a teachable moment to educate the public.
NBC News Top Stories, 20-01-2018 12:14:45

Federal government shuts down after Senate talks fail
The Senate failed to pass a key vote on a short-term government funding bill as a midnight deadline to keep the federal government open came and went.
NBC News Top Stories, 20-01-2018 12:08:00

Manson follower Leslie Van Houten denied parole — again
Gov. Jerry Brown said in his decision that Van Houten still lays too much of the blame on Manson, who died two months ago at 83.
NBC News Top Stories, 20-01-2018 11:48:00

The feminist divide over #MeToo is both painful and necessary
NBC News Top Stories, 20-01-2018 11:19:00

Life after the White House: How Obama spent his first year out of office
The former president vacationed, got called for jury duty and reached a parental milestone: dropping his oldest daughter off at college.
NBC News Top Stories, 20-01-2018 10:50:20

Blame game begins after shutdown, 20-01-2018 10:47:49

What happens now the government is shut down?
The White House and Congress failed to reach a deal on funding the federal government. Here's what what happens now.
NBC News Top Stories, 20-01-2018 10:17:00

US government shuts down as partisan blame game heats up
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The federal government has shut down at the stroke of midnight Friday. That has halted all but the most essential operations and marred the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration in a striking display of Washington dysfunction....
Associated Press, 20-01-2018 09:34:09

5 ways shutdown could impact your health, 20-01-2018 09:32:45

In run-up to shutdown, an erosion of trust derailed talks
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The president was angry....
Associated Press, 20-01-2018 09:22:09

Olympic Committee names Russian athletes who can compete under neutral flag
CBS News, 20-01-2018 09:11:49

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