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See the sun's surface rage as solar maximum approaches (photo)
Photos by the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter probe show activity ramping up on the sun's surface as it approaches solar maximum this year.
Space , 21-02-2024 15:00:25

NASA brings back retro 'worm' logo for upcoming Artemis 2 moon mission
NASA's worm logo is adorning the rockets and spacecraft of the Artemis 2 moon mission. The astronaut mission will fly to the moon in 2025 or so.
Space , 21-02-2024 14:00:58

An asteroid will hit Earth at some point. What can we do about it?
Space , 21-02-2024 12:00:17

There is magic in the discovery of a new type of magnetism
Science, 21-02-2024 06:00:56

Scientists say 2 solar system dwarf planets may harbor underground oceans
Methane detected near dwarf planets Eris and Makemake could have come from within their interiors, produced by geochemical reactions amid hot rock.
Space , 21-02-2024 00:00:01

Firefly Aerospace's Alpha rocket put a satellite in the wrong orbit in December. Now we know why.
A software issue caused Firefly Aerospace's Alpha rocket to deploy a satellite into the wrong orbit on its four-ever launch this past December, company representatives said.
Space , 20-02-2024 23:00:37

Sian Proctor on her legacy of being the 1st Black woman to pilot a spacecraft
Sian Proctor spoke to about her captivating story of a woman who soared past barriers to pave the way for more diversity and inclusivity in space.
Space , 20-02-2024 22:31:22

Ancient language found on 2,100-year-old bronze hand may be related to Basque
Researchers think the inscription is written in a Vasconic language spoken in northeastern Spain before the arrival of the Romans.
Livescience , 20-02-2024 20:51:29

NASA grabbed a whopping 120 grams of rubble from asteroid Bennu, and it may contain the seeds of life
NASA's final tally shows that OSIRIS-REx collected roughly 4 ounces of material from asteroid Bennu. The sample collected from the "potentially hazardous" asteroid is thought to contain some of the earliest precursors for life.
Livescience , 20-02-2024 20:10:10

Everything we know about '3 Body Problem'
Space , 20-02-2024 20:00:42

Former Disney TV star Bridgit Mendler co-founds satellite 'data highway' startup
Once known for her beloved roles on Disney Channel, Bridgit Mendler has re-introduced herself as a CEO in the space business game.
Space , 20-02-2024 19:45:12

Big, doomed 'TIE fighter' satellite seen from space just days before crash-landing back to Earth
The European Space Agency's ERS-2 Earth observation satellite was spotted in space as it prepares to make a fiery reentry into Earth's atmosphere on Feb. 21.
Livescience , 20-02-2024 19:39:12

4 genes' activity could be key to faster appendicitis diagnosis
An analysis of children's gene activity suggests that more severe forms of appendicitis can be distinguished from milder cases based on the activity of four genes.
Livescience , 20-02-2024 19:37:26

Intuitive Machines' private Odysseus moon lander on track for Feb. 22 lunar landing
The Intuitive Machines moon landing machine is on course to the moon after 2 crucial engine burns in deep space. Lunar orbit insertion will happen on Feb. 21.
Space , 20-02-2024 19:07:52

'Cut down in their prime': Dinosaurs were thriving in Africa before the asteroid hit
The discovery of predatory dinosaurs in marine sediments in Morocco suggests life was abundant and diversifying at the end of the Cretaceous period.
Livescience , 20-02-2024 18:27:37

Studying lake deposits in Idaho could give scientists insight into ancient traces of life on Mars
Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? If so, how do scientists search for and identify it? Finding life beyond Earth is extremely difficult, partly because other planets are so far away and partly because we are not sure what to look for.
Space , 20-02-2024 18:00:13

'This is weird': Experts 'shocked' by record-breaking longevity of Death Valley's phantom lake
A temporary lake at Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park has persisted for more than six months, which is far longer than it has lasted before. And experts say that it could stick around for quite a while yet.
Livescience , 20-02-2024 16:15:31

Eerie photograph captures whales hunted off Greenland lying in their watery grave
Haunting image showing two whales with their bones picked clean off the coast of Greenland has won the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024 competition.
Livescience , 20-02-2024 15:24:14

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