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Neural implants in rats pave way to treat brain injuries
Science, 02-02-2023 17:01:42

Why have there been no named winter storms this year?
BBC News, 02-02-2023 13:18:14

Bird flu 'spills over' to otters and foxes in UK
Scientists will monitor the virus, but UK health chiefs say the risk to the public is very low.
BBC News, 02-02-2023 04:53:28

'The Ark' premiere sets up a sci-fi survival saga in outer space
SYFY's new space survival series "The Ark" launches tonight with a spaceship disaster waking passengers from cryogenic hibernation.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 23:08:42

The James Webb Space Telescope image shows spiral galaxy in stunning detail
A newly released image from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope shows a crowded field of galaxies and stars, with a distant spiral galaxy standing out in stunning detail.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 21:00:10

Horses and dogs sailed with Vikings to Britain, say scientists
A Viking leader probably chose his favourite animals to board a longboat to England, scientists say.
BBC News, 01-02-2023 20:04:11

Astronomers identify 1st twin stars doomed to collide in kilonova explosion
Astronomers have figured out how a massive star fizzled out like a dud firecracker.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 20:00:32

Log burner rule change in England could land users with £300 fines
The tightening of regulations may lead to criminal records for those flouting them, a new policy says.
BBC News, 01-02-2023 19:29:13

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery
Collins, who died in 2021 at age 90, was the first person to orbit the moon solo during Apollo 11 in 1969.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 19:00:30

Green comet flaunts its tail in dazzling deep space photo
A new image from astrophotographer Miguel Claro shows a close-up view of Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) on Jan. 22, 2023 immersed in a colorful starfield.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 18:00:00

Watch SpaceX launch 53 Starlink internet satellites early Thursday
SpaceX will launch 53 of its Starlink internet satellites to orbit early Thursday morning (Feb. 2), and you can watch the action live.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 17:00:32

Kapow! Inflatable space station module blows to pieces in video explosion
Sierra Space successfully finished its third module test for the Blue Origin-led Orbital Reef private space complex for NASA, on the long road to replace the International Space Station.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 16:00:10

Rolls-Royce unveils early-stage design for space nuclear reactor
The company is working with the U.K. Space Agency to develop nuclear power and propulsion options for spaceflight.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 15:00:34

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max may not be the newest iPhone, but it offers fantastic value for a slightly older smartphone, all the same and it performs reasonably at astro, too.
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 14:56:28

Smashin' asteroids, Hollywood style: could nuking an asteroid save the Earth?
Dagens Nyheter, 01-02-2023 14:00:45

Sex and no sleep may be killing endangered quolls
New research has found that lack of rest could explain why males of the species mate themselves to death.
BBC News, 01-02-2023 05:38:38

Newly discovered green comet comes close to Earth
The cosmic ball of ice and dust is about to make its closest approach to our planet.
BBC News, 01-02-2023 01:53:56

Land use: Government has overpromised says Royal Society
The Royal Society calls for the delivery of a UK-wide land-use framework to clear up confusion.
BBC News, 01-02-2023 01:35:54

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