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Our favorite Lego space sets from the last 25 years
To celebrate's 25th birthday, we're taking a look back at our favorite Lego space sets released since 1999.
Space , 16-07-2024 16:00:27

How the last 25 years led to the rise of mega-telescopes
From exoplanets to the galaxies in the early universe, there's little that large telescopes on Earth can't see.
Space , 16-07-2024 15:00:20

Prime Day telescope deal: $300 off the Celestron NexStar 8SE
Save $300 on the Celestron NexStar 8SE in this Amazon Prime Day telescope deal: Save big on the best motorized telescope out there.
Space , 16-07-2024 14:13:50

Asteroid Apophis will visit Earth in 2029, and this European satellite will be along for the ride
As Apophis passes closer to Earth than geosynchronous satellites in April 2029, the asteroid will hopefully be tracked by a new ESA mission called Ramses.
Space , 16-07-2024 14:00:00

Save over $100 on these Vortex Crossfire HD 10x50 binoculars
Get these excellent quality mid-range binoculars — suitable for stargazing — for less.
Space , 16-07-2024 13:04:06

SpaceX test-fires Super Heavy Starship booster ahead of 5th flight (video)
SpaceX ignited the engines on the Super Heavy first stage booster of its Starship rocket, completing a critical test ahead of the megarocket's next flight.
Space , 16-07-2024 13:00:00

This awesome Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon set is $34 off this Prime Day
Feel the force with 20% off this fantastic mid-sized Lego model of Star Wars iconic Millennium Falcon, complete with Chewbacca and friends.
Space , 16-07-2024 12:37:43

25 years of exoplanet hunting hasn't revealed Earth 2.0 — but is that what we're looking for?
It's been a long ride for exoplanet science — and for itself.
Space , 16-07-2024 12:00:01

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket failure forces NASA to evaluate astronaut launch schedule for ISS
SpaceX is supposed to send a new group of astronauts to the ISS in mid-August. But after a rocket failure, NASA and SpaceX are figuring out what to do next.
Space , 15-07-2024 23:59:28

'What exactly is a planet?' Astronomers want to amend the definition
A newly proposed mass-based definition of a planet reaffirms Pluto as a dwarf planet.
Space , 15-07-2024 23:00:01

20 satellites fall from sky after catastrophic SpaceX rocket failure, triggering investigation
Twenty doomed Starlink satellites, which were prematurely released during a botched Falcon 9 rocket launch last week, have burned up in the upper atmosphere after falling back to Earth, new data confirms. Experts are currently investigating what went wrong.
Livescience , 15-07-2024 20:15:14

Is there a 'male menopause'?
Livescience , 15-07-2024 20:03:41

I just missed this Apple MacBook Air M3 Prime Day deal, and I'm livid!
Apple's latest MacBook Air is discounted heavily at Amazon for Prime Day, making it the same price as the older model.
Livescience , 15-07-2024 19:43:26

Prime Day air purifier deal: Save 20% on the number one best-selling air purifier on Amazon
The bestselling Levoit Core 300S air purifier is now 20% off at Amazon.
Livescience , 15-07-2024 18:59:02

Celestron Inspire 100AZ now $80 off in early Prime Day deal
Grab this fantastic beginner telescope to get a closer look at the moon and planets — Celestron Inspire 100AZ now $279 in this early Prime Day telescope deal.
Livescience , 15-07-2024 17:34:57

'Lovely freak of nature': Mutant blue frog hops into wildlife sanctuary workshop
Researchers in Australia spotted a magnificent tree frog with blue skin — the result of a rare genetic mutation called axanthism, which suppresses yellow pigments that usually tint the frogs green.
Livescience , 15-07-2024 15:05:46

Prime Day electric toothbrush deal: Save 25% at its lowest-ever price
Save 25% on the premium Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 Special Edition electric toothbrush with this Walmart deal.
Livescience , 15-07-2024 14:35:34

Black hole growth is slowing down in the universe. New research could help explain why.
Black hole growth is slowing down, suggests a team of astrophysicists who looked back in time across the universe's 13.8 billion-year history.
Livescience , 15-07-2024 14:00:00

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