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See Mercury reach its highest point in the morning sky early on Sept. 23
As temperatures fall, Mercury rises reaching its highest point in the morning of Saturday, Sept. 23. The tiny planet shines brightly this weekend but will still be a tricky observation for some.
Space , 22-09-2023 18:30:37

How long will the annular solar eclipse last on Oct. 14?
The duration of the annular solar eclipse depends on the viewing location. We look at where the longest 'ring of fire' will occur and how long the eclipse will last.
Space , 22-09-2023 18:00:10

Hulu's 'No One Will Save You' serves up a fresh dose of alien invasion terror (exclusive)
Hulu's alien invasion horror film "No One Will Save You" is available for streaming today. We spoke with writer/director Brian Duffield about the film's non-traditional take on a classic sci-fi theme.
Space , 22-09-2023 17:46:23

'Star Trek' advisor warps into NASA to talk real science of sci-fi
'Star Trek' advisor Erin Macdonald delivered a lecture at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center recently about the relationship between the show and modern space exploration.
Space , 22-09-2023 17:00:22

NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return to Earth: Live updates
NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample-return mission will return pieces of asteroid Bennu to Earth on Sept. 24, 2023. Follow the historic landing live here.
Space , 22-09-2023 17:00:58

James Webb Space Telescope detects 1st evidence of carbon on Jupiter's icy moon Europa
The James Webb Space Telescope has observed a source of carbon, a vital ingredient for life, on Jupiter's icy moon Europa.
Space , 22-09-2023 16:28:42

How does water get stuck in your ear — and how do you get it out?
Livescience , 22-09-2023 16:25:26

World's oldest aquarium fish 'Methuselah' could be decades older than we originally thought, DNA clock reveals
A new study has found that the famous Australian lungfish Methuselah, who first arrived in the U.S. in 1938, could be up to 101 years old.
Livescience , 22-09-2023 16:11:12

Move over, Viagra — this spider's boner-inducing venom could treat people let down by the blue pill
Scientists say a synthetic compound derived from Brazilian wandering spider venom could treat people with erectile dysfunction for whom drugs like Viagra don't work.
Livescience , 22-09-2023 16:04:34

Satellite spots marine heat wave off the California coast (image)
The Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite recorded higher sea levels off California, indicating a marine heat wave.
Space , 22-09-2023 16:00:46

Metal-mining pollution impacts 23 million people worldwide
They live on flood-plains contaminated by potentially harmful levels of toxic waste, research reveals.
BBC News, 22-09-2023 15:04:16

US Postal Service drops new OSIRIS-REx stamp ahead of asteroid sample return
NASA's first asteroid sample mission has landed at post offices two days before the spacecraft's return capsule is set to land on Earth. The USPS released a stamp celebrating the OSIRIS-REx probe.
Space , 22-09-2023 15:00:20

See Artemis 2 astronauts explore moon-like crater in Canada (photos)
Artemis 2 moon astronauts went to Canada for a geology trip to a crater, similar to what they will see on their lunar trip in 2024. Joining them were other astronauts and top geology experts.
Space , 22-09-2023 14:00:00

What time is NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return capsule landing on Sept. 24?
NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is carrying the first ever asteroid samples recovered by the agency. Now, after a 1.2 billion-mile journey back to Earth, it's about to land.
Space , 22-09-2023 12:00:13

15 places on Earth that look like alien planets
These stunning locations feel out of this world, but are actually right here on Earth.
Livescience , 22-09-2023 12:00:00

What is El Niño?
El Niño is a climate cycle in which waters off the tropical eastern Pacific are warmer than usual, which in turn affects global weather patterns.
Livescience , 22-09-2023 11:00:00

Osiris-Rex: Asteroid Bennu 'is a journey back to our origins'
A handful of dust from an asteroid streaming through space could tell Nasa how life on Earth began.
BBC News, 22-09-2023 04:27:09

Mercury reaches its highest point in the sky this weekend. Here's how to see it.
A bright, yellowish spot in the morning sky is actually Mercury making a rare daytime appearance. Here's how to see it at its highest and brightest this week.
Livescience , 21-09-2023 21:59:24

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