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Paco Rabanne: Celebrated designer dies aged 88
Paco Rabanne, best known for his perfumes and fashion designs, dies at his home in France.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 16:07:16

Paedophile pop star Gary Glitter freed from prison
The singer, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was jailed in 2015 for sexually abusing three schoolgirls.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 16:04:48

Losing Oldham Coliseum a dreadful blow, town's residents say
Oldham's residents react to the town's only professional theatre losing its Arts Council funding.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 15:27:46

Zara Larsson: Why do celebrities wear offensive outfits?
Zara Larsson says she did not realise she was wearing an item linked to a neo-Nazi metal band.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 09:56:25

Strictly star Hamza can't wait for Scotland's home crowd roar
Hamza Yassin is expecting half of his Ardnamurchan community to turn up to see him dancing live on tour.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 07:04:19

Eurovision 2023: John Lydon competing to represent Ireland in Liverpool
Six acts will compete on Irish TV, with the winner representing Ireland in Liverpool on 13 May.
BBC News, 03-02-2023 07:00:04

Bringing music to the masses... on a tram
Two French musicians brought a piano to entertain travellers in Nantes, France.
BBC News, 02-02-2023 14:53:11

BBC News channel announces chief presenter line-up for revamp
The channel is being revamped following the merger of the two existing UK and worldwide channels.
BBC News, 02-02-2023 13:08:20

Nolly: Helena Bonham Carter on soaps, sexism and the death of cinema
The actress is "championing every woman of a certain age" by playing ex-Crossroads star Noele Gordon.
BBC News, 02-02-2023 04:59:49

Raye: 'My drug use got pretty deep and really dangerous'
The star, whose debut album was held in limbo for years, explains how she escaped her darkest days.
BBC News, 01-02-2023 15:09:44

BBC guest's phone keeps going off during interview
A former cabinet minister struggles to silence his phone while appearing on Newsnight.
BBC News, 01-02-2023 09:57:18

Cheryl on her healthy nerves for West End theatre debut
The former Girls Aloud singer takes over from presenter Laura Whitmore in "2:22 A Ghost Story".
BBC News, 31-01-2023 19:13:10

Eurovision: Why is the UK hosting it and when is it on?
Around 160 million people from across the globe will watch the world's biggest song contest live from Liverpool on 13 May.
BBC News, 31-01-2023 12:11:05

Eurovision 2023: All you need to know in under 50 seconds
How much does Eurovision cost and why is Liverpool hosting? Eurovision reporter Daniel Rosney explains.
BBC News, 31-01-2023 07:46:59

Pamela Anderson memoir bares soul on fame and heartbreak
The Baywatch legend opens up about her abusive childhood, her marriages, and that Kremlin meeting.
BBC News, 31-01-2023 00:51:15

James May calls Jeremy Clarkson's Meghan column 'too creepy'
The broadcaster says he would not have written the comments his colleague made about Meghan Markle.
BBC News, 30-01-2023 17:24:07

Independent Venue Week: 'If you don't use it, you'll lose it'
The owner of a small venue explains the battles he and others face during in the cost of living crisis.
BBC News, 30-01-2023 07:11:21

The joy and the trauma of carrying a celebrity's baby
Shanna St Clair was a surrogate for a celebrity twice – one experience was "beautiful", the other "terrible”.
BBC News, 29-01-2023 01:00:09

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