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CDC ends recommendations for social distancing and quarantine for Covid-19 control, no longer recommends test-to-stay in schools
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the nation should move away from restrictive measures such as quarantines and social distancing and focus on reducing severe disease from Covid-19., 11-08-2022 22:31:44

New US monkeypox vaccine strategy could be huge boost for supply, but much is unknown
In an effort to stretch the limited supply of the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine, federal health officials this week authorized giving smaller doses using a different method of injection., 11-08-2022 22:22:22

'Silent' spread of polio in New York drives CDC to consider additional vaccinations for some people
A polio case identified in New York last month is "just the very, very tip of the iceberg" and an indication there "must be several hundred cases in the community circulating," a senior official with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told CNN on Wednesday., 11-08-2022 20:27:53

Your body may be pushing you to make worse choices after a day of hard thinking, study finds, 11-08-2022 18:34:31

Patagonia's elusive species as you've never seen them before
A lone male puma stalked through the tall grass of Chile's Torres del Paine National Park, and it appeared to be heading straight for a film crew., 11-08-2022 17:09:48

Toxic baby food can't be mitigated by making it at home, report says
Making baby food at home with store-bought produce isn't going to reduce the amount of toxic heavy metals in the food your baby eats, according to a new report released exclusively to CNN., 11-08-2022 16:49:04

Summer's last supermoon takes the celestial stage tonight
Tonight's sturgeon supermoon could have you dancing in the moonlight -- the type that only happens three to four times per year., 11-08-2022 16:44:19

The US is on a Covid plateau, and no one's sure what will happen next
The United States seems to have hit a Covid-19 plateau, with more than 40,000 people hospitalized and more than 400 deaths a day consistently over the past month or so., 10-08-2022 12:49:23

Under 60, healthy, vaccinated and boosted? 'You're in a pretty good place' with Covid-19
Data obtained by CNN from New York's largest health-care provider indicates you're very unlikely to become severely ill with Covid-19 if you're under age 60, up to date on your Covid-19 vaccines and don't have underlying health problems, backing up a government plan expected to be announced this week that will ease up on coronavirus restrictions., 08-08-2022 13:51:16

Scientists are trying to 'outsmart cancer'
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on how scientists have found ways that mRNA vaccines may be helpful in cancer treatment., 22-07-2022 16:08:02

8 activewear brands you should add to your workout wardrobe
The increasing popularity of stylish, trendy athletic wear has made über-comfortable clothing something that's not just for the gym. It's infiltrated all corners of culture, from high fashion runways to the offices of Silicon Valley executives — and really, it's appropriate for any occasion when you just want to be comfortable., 13-01-2021 20:55:24

Your guide to finding the right Theragun massage gun for you, 01-12-2020 20:25:05

Passage: The Jane Pauley Community Health Center
It happened this past Friday: a 10th anniversary celebration for an Indianapolis-area health center named for a graduate of local Warren Central High School. Today, the Jane Pauley Community Health Center operates 22 clinics in five counties, with nearly 94,000 patient visits last year.
CBS News, 17-11-2019 16:20:00

LASIK eye surgery should be taken off market, former FDA adviser says
LASIK eye surgery has been popular for more than 20 years, with an estimated 20 million Americans undergoing the procedure to correct nearsightedness and improve distance vision. But some patients says the surgery has ruined their eyesight. Now an expert who once backed LASIK is campaigning to get it off the market. Dr. Tara Narula reports.
CBS News, 17-11-2019 05:35:26

Trump undergoes part of his physical months early
CBS News, 17-11-2019 04:48:56

Apple removes all vaping and e-cigs apps, citing health risks
CBS News, 15-11-2019 21:20:02

Millennials turning to astrology to combat stress
Astrology is booming in popularity, especially among millennials. The generation that grew up online is now turning to the ancient practice. Websites and apps like Astrology Zone, AstroStyle and Co-Star are catering to a desire for self knowledge and guidance. Vladimir Duthiers reports.
CBS News, 15-11-2019 20:52:34

Google's collection of medical records sparks privacy concerns
The apparent whistleblower who revealed Google is collecting medical records from about 50 million Americans said "Project Nightingale" raised red flags, including a security risk of "placing medical data in the digital cloud." Google said it's using the information to improve health care and reduce medical costs, under strict privacy and security standards. Wired Editor-in-Chief Nick Thomson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the privacy and security concerns.
CBS News, 15-11-2019 20:50:53

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