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Dems introduce legislation to block G7 summit at Trump's Doral resort
FOX News, 19-10-2019 18:46:26

Mitch McConnell says Trump’s Syria withdrawal is a ‘grave’ mistake
FOX News, 19-10-2019 18:35:31

2020 Dem Sestak taking his long-shot bid step-by-step
FOX News, 19-10-2019 15:12:06

California governor pardons 3 convicted immigrants to help block deportations
FOX News, 19-10-2019 12:56:12

Supreme Court to decide if Obama-era Wall Street watchdog agency is constitutional
FOX News, 19-10-2019 12:44:09

Hunter Biden got $83G per month for Ukraine 'ceremonial' gig: report
FOX News, 19-10-2019 12:20:04

Biden campaign warns of cash shortfall, urges backers to 'pick up the pace': report
FOX News, 19-10-2019 10:53:56

Elijah Cummings' widow expected to run for his House seat: report
FOX News, 19-10-2019 10:40:49

Hillary Clinton backs out of DC event also set to include Tulsi Gabbard, Kirstjen Nielsen: report
FOX News, 19-10-2019 07:58:49

Michael Moore joining AOC at Bernie Sanders rally in NYC to announce endorsement
FOX News, 19-10-2019 06:00:03

Ex-Ukraine envoy testified he was "never asked to do anything" wrong
CBS News, 17-10-2019 05:48:39

Cuban immigrant dies by apparent suicide in ICE custody
CBS News, 17-10-2019 05:00:25

Warren faces attacks from Democratic opponents during debate
It was Senator Elizabeth Warren and not Joe Biden, who got most of the attention at the latest Democratic debate. Biden now trails Warren in early primary states and some national polls. Ed O'Keefe reports.
CBS News, 17-10-2019 04:15:34

House democrats say Trump had a "meltdown" in meeting on Syria
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump had a "meltdown" Wednesday during a contentious meeting at the White House. Nancy Cook, a White House reporter for Politico, and Siobhan Hughes, a Congressional reporter for The Wall Street Journal, spoke to CBSN's "Red & Blue" about what happened inside the White House.
CBS News, 17-10-2019 03:57:05

Democratic presidential candidates asked if they would pack the Supreme Court
The top 2020 Democratic presidential contenders were asked at Tuesday's debate about expanding the Supreme Court, in a concept commonly referred to as "court packing." Zoe Tillman, a legal reporter for BuzzFeed News, spoke to CBSN's "Red & Blue" about the candidates reponses and the battle within the Democratic Party to make the courts a top issue in 2020.
CBS News, 17-10-2019 03:57:24

Michael Bennet slams "idiotic" DNC rules that kept him from debate
CBS News, 17-10-2019 03:40:44

House condemns Trump's Syria withdrawal
President Trump faced condemnation from both Democrats and Republicans for essentially greenlighting a Turkish assault on a key U.S. ally in the fight against terror. More than two thirds of Republicans joined Democrats in a House vote to oppose the president's action. Paula Reid reports.
CBS News, 17-10-2019 03:27:39

Trump defends Giuliani amid impeachment inquiry
The House impeachment inquiry continued behind closed doors. The committees have been hearing from administration officials, past and present. A lot of the questions center around the work of the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Nancy Cordes has the latest.
CBS News, 17-10-2019 02:48:24

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