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Rashida Tlaib's grandmother responds to Trump mocking decision not to visit Israel: 'May God ruin him'
FOX News, 17-08-2019 23:52:37

House Dems could retaliate against US and Israel ambassadors after banned visit: report
FOX News, 17-08-2019 18:12:57

Trump threatens to designate Antifa a terrorist organization ahead of expected Portland clashes
FOX News, 17-08-2019 16:57:37

Joe Kennedy III mulling Dem primary challenge for Massachusetts Senate seat
FOX News, 17-08-2019 15:33:39

AOC laughs off Trump claim she's 'fuming' that Tlaib, Omar now get more attention
FOX News, 17-08-2019 12:39:37

Mitch McConnell recovering from shoulder surgery in Louisville
FOX News, 17-08-2019 10:02:36

Joe Biden confuses Burlington, Iowa, with Burlington, Vt., in latest gaffe
FOX News, 17-08-2019 07:13:25

Reporter's Notebook: Spat over scrapped 'Squad' members' Israel visit is tricky politics for both sides
FOX News, 17-08-2019 03:28:15

Andrew Yang vows mass pardon to all imprisoned for nonviolent marijuana offenses
FOX News, 17-08-2019 01:48:18

Trump suggests 'setup' after Tlaib rejects Israel's invite: 'Israel acted appropriately!'
FOX News, 17-08-2019 01:17:50

Martha McSally seeks to make domestic terrorism a federal offense
CBS News, 14-08-2019 15:52:27

Beto O'Rourke heads back to the 2020 campaign trail
CBS News, 14-08-2019 15:43:43

Beto O'Rourke returning to campaign trail following El Paso shooting, 14-08-2019 15:32:15

The Point: The 28 most egregious lines from Trump's Pennsylvania speech, 14-08-2019 15:29:06

Trump mulling North Korea envoy to be next ambassador to Moscow, 14-08-2019 14:02:54

Trump backs down against tariffs on Chinese imports
For the first time, President Trump said that American consumers – not just China – could pay a price for his ongoing trade war. The president has decided to delay potential new tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods. But the relief is temporary, and it's unclear if delaying these tariffs will help facilitate a permanent deal. Weija Jiang reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 13:51:03

Pence press secretary expected to become new Pentagon spokeswoman, 14-08-2019 13:46:23

There's a new culture divide between Trump and corporate America, 14-08-2019 13:27:05

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