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Martha McSally seeks to make domestic terrorism a federal offense
CBS News, 14-08-2019 15:52:27

Beto O'Rourke heads back to the 2020 campaign trail
CBS News, 14-08-2019 15:43:43

22-year-old pushes BMW into a river because he wanted a Jaguar instead
A 22-year-old man from India who received a brand new BMW as a birthday gift pushed the car into a river – because he wanted a Jaguar instead. His parents decided not to press charges, and said that they believe their son has mental health issues.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 15:34:41

How lowering your blood pressure could reduce your risk of dementia
A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found a link between high blood pressure and dementia. About 1-in-3 American adults have high blood pressure. Dr. Tara Narula joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the study and share what you can do to stay healthy.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 15:06:50

Exploring America's largest underground lake
Deep in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, about 50 miles south of Knoxville, Tennessee, sits an wonder 140 feet below ground: the largest underground lake in America. The lake, which was discovered only decades ago, attracts about 2,000 visitors a day from all over the world. Chip Reid reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 15:06:29

Epstein accuser sues alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell
One of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims has filed a civil lawsuit that targets not only the multimillionaire's estate, but also his alleged co-conspirators, including British socialite and Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. The suit also accuses three other females, referred to as the recruiter, the secretary, and the maid. None of the women have been charged, and Maxwell vehemently denies the allegations. Mola Lenghi reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:50:21

Eye Opener at 8: Beijing weighs in on Hong Kong chaos
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:49:38

Exploring the "rich history" of America's largest underground lake
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:41:29

Teen girl killed when rockslide hits family's car
A deadly rockslide at Glacier National Park is prompting a warning about potential dangers for tourists. A family of five was driving along this popular Montana road when their car was hit by falling rocks, killing a 14-year-old girl inside the vehicle. Park officials confirm a car driven by a family of five from Utah was caught in a rock fall that generated enough debris to fill the bed of a pickup truck. Some of the stones were a foot in diameter. Meg Oliver reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:37:32

Survivors describe sexual abuse as New York Child Victims Act goes into effect
A groundbreaking new law took effect overnight in New York. The Child Victims Act gives sexual abuse survivors, barred by a statue of limitations, a one year window to file a civil lawsuit against their alleged perpretrators and institutions. Nikki Battiste reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:36:51

As New York opens door to old abuse claims, survivors speak out
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:23:55

Warnings emerge of possible link between e-cigarettes and severe lung disease in teens
There are new warnings this morning about a possible link between severe lung disease in teenagers and e-cigarettes and vaping. Minnesota is now the third state where serious lung injuries have been reported in the last month. Four cases in the state involved 16- to 18-year-old teenagers. CBS News spoke with the chief medical officer at Children's Minnesota, who described a pattern of cases with a similar but unusual path. Anna Werner reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:06:26

Dayton shooter knew sister's location about seven minutes before killing her in massacre
A new timeline of the Dayton, Ohio, massacre provides chilling details about the shooter's movements. New surveillance video shows the moments before the gunman killed nine people in 32 seconds – and text messages reveal that Connor Betts knew his sister's location seven minutes before killing her in the massacre. Investigators aren't yet clear about whether he targeted his sister. Dean Reynolds reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 14:06:48

Girl killed when falling rocks hit family's car at national park
CBS News, 14-08-2019 13:57:19

Trump backs down against tariffs on Chinese imports
For the first time, President Trump said that American consumers – not just China – could pay a price for his ongoing trade war. The president has decided to delay potential new tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods. But the relief is temporary, and it's unclear if delaying these tariffs will help facilitate a permanent deal. Weija Jiang reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 13:51:03

Two staffers assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein placed on leave
The mystery of Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide may be deepening with new information from the jail where the accused sex trafficker died. Attorney General William Barr has reassigned the warden in charge of that jail in Manhattan -- and two staffers who were assigned to watch Epstein were placed on leave. Sources tell CBS News that unreleased surveillance footage shows guards did not make some of the checks on Epstein that they logged before his death. Mola Lenghi reports.
CBS News, 14-08-2019 13:50:42

New warnings of link between lung disease in teens and e-cigarettes
CBS News, 14-08-2019 13:48:14

Alligator attacks woman walking her dog in South Carolina
CBS News, 14-08-2019 13:25:08

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