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2020 Daily Trail Markers: Indicted Giuliani associates gave to Sessions
CBS News, 11-10-2019 00:31:25

White Sox announcer Jason Benetti on living his dream
CBS News, 11-10-2019 00:03:02

Warren clarifies pledge on fundraisers if she's the nominee
CBS News, 11-10-2019 00:01:51

GM strike has already cost automaker more than $1 billion
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:54:13

Simone Biles wins fifth all-around gymnastics world title
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:46:11

Vapers – like smokers – may now pay more for life insurance
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:38:27

Warren and Buttigieg release plans expanding LGBTQ protections ahead of town hall, 10-10-2019 23:30:30

Cory Booker's big bet on Iowa
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:24:41

"Sesame Street" addresses opioid crisis in new segments
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:22:11

"Jesus Shoes" with holy water on sale for $4,000
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:16:36

McConnell's likely Democratic challenger raises $10.7 million In three months, 10-10-2019 23:15:26

Cuba Gooding Jr. faces trial on groping charges
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:06:10

Activision Blizzard stock drops as Hong Kong controversy swirls
CBS News, 10-10-2019 23:05:27

El Paso shooting suspect pleads not guilty in first court appearance
CBS News, 10-10-2019 22:56:40

Company creates "Jesus Shoes" out of Nikes, now on sale for $4,000
"JESUS SHOES": A company created this special pair by putting holy water in the soles of Nike Air Max 97 sneakers – and now they're selling for $4,000.
CBS News, 10-10-2019 22:48:45

Boxing champion ejected from Ferrari in Dallas crash
CBS News, 10-10-2019 22:11:15

Former NFL star pays for over 500 mammograms
CBS News, 10-10-2019 22:08:09

Man who killed unarmed black man gets 20 years
CBS News, 10-10-2019 22:04:28

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  Trump campaign makes major push to flip Minnesota..., CBS News, 2019-10-10
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