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Bike routing app uses space for cyclists
ESA Top News, 03-06-2020 07:46:00

ESA posters now available online!
ESA Top News, 02-06-2020 10:48:00

Queen’s Brian May works to probe origin of asteroids
ESA Top News, 02-06-2020 08:33:00

Detecting methane emissions during COVID-19
ESA Top News, 01-06-2020 14:35:00

Forty-five years of the ESA Convention
ESA Top News, 30-05-2020 09:31:00

Week in images: 25-29 May 2020
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 15:10:00

Call for Media: Rapid action in response to coronavirus with Earth observation
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 14:00:00

Get your ticket to the Moon: Europe’s lunar lander for science and more
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 13:33:00

Solar Orbiter to pass through the tails of Comet ATLAS
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 12:00:00

Live discussion on education during the COVID-19 pandemic
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 10:09:00

Abu Dhabi
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 10:00:00

Europe's Spaceport, back to business
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 10:00:00

Earth from Space: Abu Dhabi
ESA Top News, 29-05-2020 10:00:00

Ice jam flooding in Fort McMurray
ESA Top News, 28-05-2020 11:15:00

Information for all visitors to ESA sites
ESA Top News, 09-04-2020 18:13:00

High tide in Venice could hit twice normal level
Venice, Italy, is facing the second worst flooding in nearly 100 years, and high tide could hit nearly twice the normal level on Friday. At least two people have died, and the city's mayor has closed the historic St. Mark's Square. Holly Williams reports.
CBS News, 15-11-2019 20:51:53

Google's collection of medical records sparks privacy concerns
The apparent whistleblower who revealed Google is collecting medical records from about 50 million Americans said "Project Nightingale" raised red flags, including a security risk of "placing medical data in the digital cloud." Google said it's using the information to improve health care and reduce medical costs, under strict privacy and security standards. Wired Editor-in-Chief Nick Thomson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the privacy and security concerns.
CBS News, 15-11-2019 20:50:53

Autobraking tech will be standard in cars by 2022, but drivers complain of "phantom braking"
Automatic emergency braking will be standard in most cars in 2022. It's expected to cut the number of rear-end crashes in half. But hundreds of drivers say sometimes the system slams on the brakes apparently for no reason. Kris Van Cleave reports.
CBS News, 12-11-2019 23:22:27

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