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Kim Jong Un declares victory against Covid
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared victory in the battle against the novel coronavirus, ordering a lifting of maximum anti-epidemic measures imposed in May, state media said on Thursday., 12-08-2022 03:43:34

They survived lockdown in Shanghai, only to be trapped again in Hainan
"I chose to come to Sanya because the Covid restrictions are more relaxed than (in) Shanghai," said Li Zefeng, an engineer who lives in China's biggest city., 12-08-2022 03:24:11

Seoul vows to move families from 'Parasite'-style basement homes after flooding deaths
Seoul has vowed to move some of the city's poorest families out of underground and semi-subterranean homes after 13 people were killed in flooding caused by record-breaking rainfall this week, sparking public horror and calls for government accountability., 12-08-2022 03:18:17

Eight police officers killed in Sierra Leone during protests, minister says
Eight police officers were killed during violent anti-government protests in Sierra Leone on Wednesday, the country's youth minister told CNN on Thursday., 11-08-2022 21:10:15

Armed man takes hostages at Beirut bank demanding return of frozen funds
An armed man is holding employees and customers hostage at a bank in Beirut's bustling Hamra street Thursday demanding his frozen funds be released, according to a security source and Lebanon's state-owned National News Agency., 11-08-2022 18:46:09

'Like an iPhone': Moderna CEO eyes future with annual vaccine for multiple viruses
Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel tells CNN Business his company wants to develop and continuously update a yearly single-dose vaccine that can cover the flu, Covid-19, and other respiratory illnesses., 11-08-2022 13:09:09

Manhattan rents hit record high for the sixth month in a row
Rents in Manhattan have hit a record high for the sixth month in a row., 11-08-2022 06:01:57

Disney+ is getting more expensive... unless you want ads
Disney+ just got more expensive. Unless you're willing to watch ads., 10-08-2022 23:41:32

More than a dozen companies developing single standard to detect cyberattacks faster
More than a dozen companies in the cybersecurity space are developing a single, open standard for sharing data about hacking threats, a project the companies say could help organizations detect cyberattacks more quickly., 10-08-2022 22:16:01

Nickelodeon star reveals childhood abuse in new memoir, 10-08-2022 20:34:58

In pictures: Olivia Newton-John's best style moments
The enduring image of Olivia Newton-John may always be one of permed hair, bare shoulders and black spandex on the set of "Grease". But the late actress and singer, who died Monday aged 73, was a fashion icon before -- and long after -- the blockbuster musical., 09-08-2022 10:01:52

US returns looted relics of 'extraordinary cultural value' to Cambodia
New York officials have returned 30 cultural artifacts to Cambodia, including a 10th-century Khmer sculptural "masterpiece," after the items were illegally sold to private collectors and a US museum., 09-08-2022 06:22:42

Europe's most beautiful towns
Paris, Rome, Barcelona... Europe's cities are bucket list destinations, and rightly so. But the continent's small towns are a dream, too, with all the beautiful architecture and much of the culture you'll find in the big hitters, only with fewer crowds to share them with., 08-08-2022 13:25:14

US couple transforms abandoned Italian house into dream home with an elevator
Buyers from all around the world have been snapping up dilapidated Italian homes at rock bottom prices over the past few years as numerous depopulated towns and villages attempt to revive their dwindling communities by offering property bargains., 08-08-2022 00:00:37

Shirtless Adam Driver goes viral for Burberry. Again
As we enter August, there is one definitive accessory making summer headlines: an enviable set of sculpted abs., 05-08-2022 09:19:38

India's weddings are changing -- and so is its bridalwear
More than a dozen leading designers showcased their creations at India Couture Week (ICW), offering a glimpse -- among much else -- at the bridalwear trends shaping one of the world's largest wedding markets., 02-08-2022 08:52:46

Inside Sienna Miller's charming English country cottage
British actor Sienna Miller is no newcomer to the countryside. In fact, she bought her idyllic rural bolthole over a decade ago. The purchase came after Miller's big industry breaks "Alfie" (2004) and "Layer Cake" (2004); a brief but highly publicized relationship with co-star Jude Law and her subsequent anointment as one of the "It Girl"s of noughties London. "It was a time when there was a lot of press attention on me, and I wanted somewhere to escape," explained Miller, in an exclusive interview with Architectural Digest for its annual September Style issue. "I bought the house on a whim -- it offers a sanctuary. I also wanted somewhere where family and friends could gather. It has a nurturing feeling; it is a home with a heart," said the cover star., 01-08-2022 13:59:53

Say goodbye to your favorite Italian beach break
It's the Italian dream: sprawling on one of the Mediterranean's best beaches, drink in hand, moving only to eat some freshly caught fish or pick up another glass of local wine., 29-07-2022 13:09:29

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