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British lawmakers defer decision on Brexit deal, 19-10-2019 20:00:26

Watch Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reenact a scene from 'Friends', 19-10-2019 19:56:17

Analysis: Super Saturday turns into Setback Saturday for Boris Johnson as Brexit plan unravels, 19-10-2019 19:48:03

The latest on what's happening in Syria, 19-10-2019 19:45:23

Mike Posner just finished his six-month trek across the United States, 19-10-2019 19:40:17

'Murder Kroger' has long lived in Atlanta lore. A major rehab may finally put the painful nickname to rest, 19-10-2019 19:12:48

Zoë, the 49ers emotional support puppy, is the team's cutest MVP, 19-10-2019 19:10:47

Video shows emotional moment after coach disarms student carrying a shotgun, 19-10-2019 18:24:47

What is the Letwin amendment -- and could it really change everything?, 19-10-2019 18:23:18

In a strong rebuke, the House of Commons is ordering Boris Johnson to request another Brexit delay, 19-10-2019 18:05:46

Facebook is allowing politicians to lie openly. It's time to regulate, 19-10-2019 17:34:14

'I am not a Russian spy': Jill Stein slams Clinton's accusations, 19-10-2019 17:21:20

State employee claims Delaware discriminates against her over hijab, 19-10-2019 17:02:25

Smerconish: If I'm Trump and I'm watching this, I like what I see, 19-10-2019 15:52:09

Atatiana Jefferson's father gets a restraining order to delay her funeral and burial, 19-10-2019 15:40:21

Francis Rooney is the rare Republican open to impeaching Trump, 19-10-2019 15:24:37

Expert debunks myths about Trump whistleblowers, 19-10-2019 15:21:08

Gabbard responds to Clinton: You are the 'personification of the rot' in Democratic Party, 19-10-2019 15:13:16

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